Tovuti is the First True End to End Learning Platform on the Market
Beyond White-labeling
Create Captivating and Modern Learning Portals
Our Landing Page Designer enpowers you to be able to build beautiful Home Pages and custom Funnel Pages in record time! Create Unlimited Custom Branded Learning Portals with the Brand Manager using your Branding and your custom Domain Names. Customize the experience for your students and members after they log in with the flexible modular Student Dashboard. 
Create and Sell Your Courses
Deliver Engaging Training Experiences
No Matter the Question... Education is the Answer! Give your students a learning experience that is not only effective but enjoyable. Build a library of interactive training content that you can drop into any course.
Build Immersive & Interactive Videos
Cutting Edge Training Requires Cutting Edge Tools
Interactive videos that allow you to track student engagement and comprehension. Drag and Drop Quizzes and Training Activies right inside your video! Tovuti gives you the ability to turn what would be standard courses into Engaging Learning Experiences.
social learning management system
Social, Social, Social!
Social Learning and Robust Member Community
With Tovuti the social experience is interwoven throughout the entire platform. Spark peer to peer support and mentoring by empowering your students to create their own private and public groups, send internal messages, and participate in class discussions.
lms certifications and gamification
Design Your Own Certificates and Badges
Award Certificates, Micro-Credentials and Badges for Compliancy or Gamification 
Encourage your learners' progress and achievements by giving them recognition through custom designed badges and certificates. You can design custom certificates with our real time Certificate Builder and set the requirements needed to earn them. Certificates and Badges can be automatically awarded to learners after course completion, lesson completion, or after completing an entire stack of selected courses. You can even award them to specific group of learners or individuals.
lms subscriptions
Generate Recurring Revenue With Subscriptions
Deliver valuable training and receive passive income
Unlock courses and content in your site with Subscription Packages. Customize the look and feel of your Pricing Plans using our easy to use design tools. After a learner or member purchases a subscription they can automatically gain access to specified content, private social groups, designated courses and more!
lms reporting
Advanced Custom Reporting 
Track Engagement and Multiple Data Points
Insightful reporting and tracking tools help you to gauge trends and performance while also giving you all the key data points you need to accelerate the growth of your business or organization.
study groups
Event Management and Booking
Promote and sell tickets to your events
Offer event registration to members and the public. As with subscription purchases, you can grant access to private social groups, course bundles, and specified site content after registering for an event.
video conferencing learning management system
Live Virtual Classrooms and Video Conferencing
Deliver engaging virtual classes and webinars in realtime
Fully integrated Live Chat and Video Conferencing and Powerful Presentation Tools makes this the perfect solution to expand your training anywhere! Allow for multiple presenters and teachers. Attendees can partipate through video, audio and both public and private chat. You can also delegate groups into breakout rooms. 
easy lms learning management system
Easily Deliver Targeted Notifications
Use Geofencing combined with powerful filters to message your learners and members
Communicating with your users is crucial for both marketing and to help provide value. With the Tovuti Notifications you can pinpoint  who will receive your messages by mutiple filters and even their current location. For example you can push a special promotion or video out to people that are in a specific city or even in a 500 foot radius of a building.
ecommerce lms
Fully Integrated Ecommerce Store
Sell Products, Services and Downloadables
Increase your revenues by offering an entire catalog of products or services to your users and to the public. Throughout the entire Tovuti platform users can make purchases quickly by using Card on File.  They can also earn rewards points with affiliate programs.
learning platform
Micro Learning and Resource Library
Quick One Click Training Material
Provide searchable, categorized and permissioned based media libraries for both training and entertainment. The media library allows you to deliver multiple formats side by side! You can use Video (MP4s, Youtube, Vimeo, Screencast and more), Audio, PDFs & Documents, and even links to external sites and resources.  
lms blog
Blog Posts & Custom Content Pages
Write and Publish Anywhere! 
Start writing your blog articles to not only educate and inform your members, but also help to drive traffic to your site. Our Zenfully Easy Blogging system allows you to not only publish posts on scheduled dates but also create viewing permissions.
lms internal messages
Instant Messaging System
Connect Your Learners, Members and Teachers 
Allow your learners to quickly message their teachers as well as other members. Nearly everywhere that you see a person's avatar you can write them a message in one click. This allow for effective collaborative learning experiences while also giving teachers and easy way to provide consistent support to their students.